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NMR Spectroscopy 


Experimental & Computational Biophysics


Biostatistics &



We focus on three major areas of research:

(a) All things considered with high resolution solution NMR spectroscopy -

(b) How molecules function? We take a holistic approach using experiments & computations

(c) Information is knowledge - Biostatistics+Informatics

 Recent Project 


The fun part of doing Science. 


We publish most of our work in peer reviewed journals. Research publications allow our work to be evaluvated for quality in the international scene and help us to do the best in what we can at Fresno State.

Our Group

We have a diverse group of students with various research interests.

Graduate students in Chemistry, Biology & Biotechnology 

Undergraduate & Honors Students as well as students from High School


We do collaborate extensively with many groups at Fresno State and other Institutions


Our students tend to focus on continuing their high education (PhD or MD) to obtaining a varity of jobs.


The Focus area is physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry & NMR Spectroscopy​

Spring 2021 - CHEM 111 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory. 

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