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Our Team

Krish Krishnan

Professor of Physical Chemistry & Biochemistry

California State Univesity Fresno 

Adjunct Professor

Department of Pathology & Laboratory

University of California Davis School of Medicine

Candido Breceda Jr.

BS (Fresno State) - 2016

Real-Time enzyme kinetics

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Vang Levi Thao

BS (Fresno State) - 2017

Carbomate formation - Chemistry and Biology

    Keeton Montgomery

      BS ( University of Texas Permian Basin)

      Citrus Metabolomics

Maram Kiran

 BS  Biochemistry 

 PiB  with NMR 

Ashneet Kaur

      M.Biotechnology (Biology)

      Meta-analysis of cytokines due to viral infection

Sandor Menyhay

  M.S. Computer Science 

Distance matrix - clustering (With Dr. Park Comp. Sci.,)

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Angham Ahmed

BS (Biochemistry), M.S (Biology Fresno State) 2018-

Chee Her

BS (Fresno State), MS (Fresno State)​

Now @ UCSD Ph.D. program

Pedro Diaz-parga 

On loan from Dr. Goto

Graduate Student @ UC Merced Ph.D. program

Jaideep Singh

BS & MS (Fresno Sate)

Now @ USC Ph.D. Program

Candice Cortney

BS (Fresno State), MS (Fresno State)

Lecturer, Fresno State Chemistry

Program Coordinator, RISE

Justin Vang

BS (Fresno State), MS (Fresno State)

Lecturer, Fresno State Chemistry

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