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Our Team

Krish Krishnan

Professor of Biophysical Chemistry

California State University Fresno 

Adjunct Professor

Department of Pathology & Laboratory

University of California Davis School of Medicine

Candido Breceda Jr.

BS (Fresno State)

Real-Time enzyme kinetics

Ashneet Kaur

      M.Biotechnology (Biology)

      Meta-analysis of cytokines due to viral infection

Saeed Amer

      BS (Biochemistry)

      Real-time 19F-enzyme kinetics

Taylor Hornburg

      MS (Plant Sciences) - PI Dr. Brar

      CO2 effects on citrus growth - metabolomics

Alina Iqbal

      BS (Biochemistry)

      Sucralose on yeast growth (with Dr. Dejean)

Joseph Rivera

      BS (Chemistry)

      Hofmeister salts on chemical exchange

Recently Been here & done that (based on last contact) 

Keeton Montgomery

      MS (Chemistry), Lecturer CBC

      Citrus metabolomics

Maria Del Carmen Reynoso Rivas

      MS (Chemistry)

      Targeted 19F-tags for metabolomics

Aya Elhabashy

      BS (Biochemistry), (M.S. Math)

      Storage effects on fruit quality - metabolomics

Larry Casarrubias-Tapia

      BS (Biochemistry)

      NMR analysis of Radiation mentabolomics

Zareh Apkarian

      BS (Biochemistry)

      Carbomates of DAP, DAB and BMAA

Stephanie Ruiz

      BS (EES) - PI Dr. Aric Mine 

      Contamination Process of Groundwater

Eliana Kahn

      BS (Biochemistry) 


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Maram Kiran
  • BS (Biochemistry)
  • (MD, UCSF)
Angham Ahmed
  • BS (Biochemistry)
  • MS (Bio), (Ph.D. Caltech)
Chee Her
  • MS (Chemistry)
  • (Ph.D., UCSD)
Candice Cortney
  • BS (Chemistry), MS (Chemistry)
  • Lecturer, Fresno State, CBC
Pedro Diaz-parga
  • MS(Chemistry)
  • Ph.D. (UC Merced)
  • Post-doc Fredrick Natl. Lab
Justin Vang
  • BS (Chemistry). MS (Chemistry)
  • Lecturer, Fresno State, CBC
Jaideep Singh
  • BS (Chemistry), MS (Chemistry)
  • Ph.D. (USC)
  • Scientist, Actagro Inc., 
Koryy Reid
  • MS (Chemistry)
  • Ph.D. (UN Reno)
  • Post-doc, Dartmouth College 

Andre McGarrell

Ashley Mendoza

Byron Diel

David Zimmerman 

Jennifer Harmon

Kurt Heisel

Levi Vang Thao

Malika Sahni

Ryan Dougerty

Sai Madhu

Sierra Coffman

Snigdha Reddy

Soujanya Mmannepalli

Tim Bentley

Wafaa Araim

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